Product Overview:
    XOLB-158 Creamy Glacier White exhibits a brilliant whiteness, so white it almost glows. XOLB-158 has a soft, creamy consistency
    that is very easy to print, but also has a very high opacity. It is excellent for printing on most substrates such as 50/50 cotton/poly
    blends, 100% cotton and fleece. As with all our Glacier Whites, it is soft, creamy, easy to print, has excellent opacity, good flash
    times and that incredible "whiteness." It exhibits good low-bleed qualities.
    Screen meshes in the range of 83-160 TPI (32-62 TPcm) are recommended for best opacity. Will print through up to a 305 TPI (120
    TPcm) with excellent opacity. Screens of 25 n/cm or higher are strongly recommended. If using lower tension screens adjust off
    contact accordingly. Use just enough squeegee pressure to deposit the ink on the surface of the shirt. This enhances opacity and
    helps ensure a good cure. Try not to drive the ink into the fabric. Squeegees in the 70 durometer range, with a sharp edge work
    Use any direct emulsion or capillary film.
    Glacier White is designed to provide maximum opacity on dark fabrics, 100% cotton or cotton/poly blends. It has good "low-bleed"
    Glacier White is ready to use. Modification is not necessary unless you're trying to achieve a special effect or use. Any extenders
    will affect opacity. XOLB-158 has excellent shelf life and with cool storage will maintain its creamy consistency.
    Depending on your flash unit, "Glacier White" will flash in 3 seconds when at 10 watts per sq. in/heating area (per sq.
    2.54cm/heating area) or in 4-5 seconds when at 6-7 watts per sq. in. /heating area (per sq. 2.54cm/heating area).
    Cure at 325?F (162?C) over a 60-90 second period depending on oven type and thickness of ink deposit. A thicker deposit will take
    longer to cure as the heat must penetrate through the entire ink layer.
    Clean Up:
    Use any of the commercially available products for the cleanup of plastisol inks.
    Environmentally Friendly:
    QCM Plastisol Ink contains no leaded pigments and, when properly disposed of, has no environmental impact. Use a screen wash
    for plastisols for cleanup. Scrape screens carefully and store ink for reuse. Minimize unusable scrap ink by segregating ink by color.

    1 Gallon
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