• QuartsFlash-QF1624SF

    QuartzAir flashes have it all. With features galore, these reliable units give the operator full control over flash time and temperature. With the idle feature, they decrease the temperature in the shop without increasing flash time. A must have for production shops.

    • Either foot switch controlled timers or Photo sensor for immediate timer activation.
      • Instant on and reliable repeatability.
      • Timer presets
      • Digital timer control.
      • Forced air.
      • Prewarmer.
      • Independent zone control of the quartz lamps.
      • Height adjustment .
      • Locking casters.
      • Pancake thin heat panel design.
    Heat Area:16"x24"
    Activation: Foot Pedal (QF1624F)/ Sensor (QF1624S)
    Power Requirements: 240V, 30A
    Bulb Count: 5
  • $2,895.00

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