• Easisolv 110 Press Wash


    EasiSolv 110 Solvent Cleaner

    EasiSolv™ 110 Solvent Cleaner is a quick drying cleaner formulated to effectively dissolve and remove printing inks from screen printing mesh, squeegees, flood bars, presses, pad printing tools, rotary screens and more.

    The combination of components is designed to solubilize and remove virtually every type of ink and minimize any remaining stains in printing mesh.

    EasiSolv 110 Solvent Cleaner Special Features:

    • EasiSolv 110 effectively dissolves most inks, including: conventional/solvent, UV, plastisol and water base.
    • EasiSolv 110 is non-flammable (flash point of 113°F) which makes it safer for handling, storage and rag disposal than conventional solvent cleaners.
    • EasiSolv 110 dries fast . . . providing a safe, odor-free alternative to hazardous, flammable solvents.
    • EasiSolv 110 will reduce solvent cleaning volumes by as much as 70%, which will reduce emissions and waste handling respectively.
    • EasiSolv 110 may be applied manually, recirculated through the EasiFlo™ System, or recirculated in an enclosed, automatic screen washing system, providing superior product life and economy.

    EasiSolv 110 Solvent Cleaner Application:

    • Scrape excess ink from the screen.
    • Apply EasiSolv 110 by squirt bottle, pneumatic sprayer or by rag to the (well) ink side of the screen. 
    • Thoroughly agitate ink with a rag or scrubber, then wipe up all dissolved ink. 
    • Reapply if necessary and follow with a dry rag, wipe on both sides of the screen. 
    • The screen will be ready for printing or tape application within 20 seconds.

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