• Anatol Style Roller Squeegee



    AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES: 16", 18", 20", 22"


    The Roller squeegee has a variety of applications which both improve your production rates and the quality of the products that you are producing. Here is a list of the most obvious uses:

    • Eliminate Fibrillation
    • Flatten out garments
    • De-Lint your garments

    Anatol Style Roller Squeegee

    Eliminating fibrillation – After flashing it is entirely probable that you have fibers sticking up through the ink. Use the roller squeegee and a piece of Teflon film to flatten out the image and improve the smoothness of the print.

    (NOW INCLUDED!)When Used with Teflon® Film – after flashing – The use of the Roller Squeegee with Teflon® Film following a flash has numerous benefits. That is – the Roller Squeegee will provide a very smooth and uniform hand to the final product. Consider how Teflon® film is used in association with a heat press. Price include a piece of Teflon® Film.

    Use with a Lint Pickup Screen – We all know the challenges presented by excess lint on the garments that we print on. When the catcher at the end of the dryer tells you that there’s a big piece of lint on the blue screen in the letter Q – it means 30 imperfect shirts have been produced. Stopping your machine means lowering your production rates. Hence – De-Linting screens are employed. Place a screen on your first head that has a light tack spray applied to it. Other tacky surfaces are available. When the Roller Squeegee is used with this de-linting screen, it picks up excess lint off of the t-shift

    Flattening out Garments before printing – use a flash cure at one station and then a roller squeegee at the next. This will completely flatten out the garment and get the fibers to lay down

    Other Possible Uses – As an embossing tool, the Roller squeegee can be used in association with textured surfaces applied to your screen to produce some very unique effects.

    ANATOL 16"
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