Glow in the dark plastisol


PS-2045 Inks enable the screen printer to print on either light or dark 100% cotton garments. This Ink can also be used on other fabrics and vinyls with the addition of our AGCLA-100 Additive. Consult SDS prior to using.

Directions and Helpful Information:  PS-2045 is a Single Component Ready to Use Ink, just mix it up and it is ready to use. Mixing should be done with a high speed drill or drill press using a Type 2 Dispersion Blade. Continue to mix Ink occasionally throughout production run. Keep lids on containers to avoid contamination and drying of the Ink. The use of a Lint Catcher or Overcoat Clear for dark fabrics will aid in uninterrupted production and reduce fibrillation. Create a single screen by combining all of the colors in the image to be printed on a dark 100% cotton fabric. Print using a suitable Primer Clear through a 230 mesh count and then flash cure. Use of a White Underprint is a must on Dark Garments. You will sacrifice Glow Intensity and Longevity by not doing so. For Best Results A Heavy Flood and Slow to Moderate Squeegee Pressure on Automatic Presses and Heavy Flood and Light to Moderate Squeegee Pressure on Manual Presses is recommended. A Print /Flash/Print Method will achieve the best results.PS-2045 can be printed using 86-200 Mesh Screens depending on the color and amount of glow you are trying to achieve. Cure Ink at 320°F (160°C) Always Test Dryer Temperatures prior to and during production. Curing Time will be between 90 to 180 seconds, depending on amount of ink deposit and color of garment. Always perform wash test prior to production, to ensure proper adhesion to the fabric, prior to production runs. Clean-Up can be done using Bio-Degradable Screen Wash Testing and viewing can best be done in a dark room, after charging the print in sunlight for 10 minutes or under artificial light for 30 minutes. Always allow your eyes to adjust for a few minutes after entering the dark room. For best long term durability wash in cold water on the delicate cycle and wash inside out. Do Not Use Bleach. Do Not Iron on Print. Line or Hang Dry. Any application not referenced in this Technical Data should be pre-tested prior to any production run is done.



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